The Signature

A Signature is a personalized set of letters, characters, symbols, or even a simple drawing. Asignio’s proprietary software measures the Signature across three planes: x, y, and t (time). More than 25 different variables of a user’s Signature are measured to authenticate the user’s identity during every transaction.


There are three key factors to making a strong Signature: shape, size, and timing. Strokes with multiple curves, strokes that take up a large portion of the screen, and strokes performed quickly help make a user’s Signature and account secure. These requirements can be met with a set of simple pictures, a series of letters, or even the user’s own initials.


Signatures are easier to remember than passwords and take less than three seconds to sign and authenticate. Asignio can be used on any device with a touchscreen. The user can access their accounts on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device using just their Asignio Signature. Users can even login using desktops without touchscreens through simple QR code linking. With Asignio, users can make secure transaction anywhere, anytime.