3-Factor Authentication

There are three recognized factors of security for authentication: “something you know,” “something you have,” and “something you are.” Unlike its competitors, Asignio uses all three factors of authentication to keep its users secure with every sign-in. Asignio users create their own Signature, something that only the users know. When the user’s devices are registered with Asignio, they become a physical token of security, something that only the user possesses. The user’s unique style of writing (or biometric identifier) is the third factor of authentication, or “something you are.” A person must possess all three of these factors in order to sign in to their account, making Asignio secure against fraudsters, without compromising ease-of-use for the user.

Something you have

(registered account)

Something you are

(handwriting biometric)

Something you know

(chosen signature)

Biometric Authentication

Asignio security is a soft biometric authentication. Soft biometrics measure qualities like the way a person forms their letters, or how quickly they write. These qualities are just as unique as hard biometrics, such as a fingerprint or retina pattern, but have the added advantage that what the user writes can be changed if their account ever becomes compromised.

Secure Authentication

False acceptance rates (FAR) measure how likely it is that a biometric system will accept a login or access attempt from a false or unauthorized user. FAR is shown as a ratio of the number of false acceptances divided by the number of login attempts. Asignio’s false acceptance rate (FAR) is 1 in 2.3 million, meaning that only 1 in 2.3 million unauthorized attempts would be successful. In contrast, the FAR for Apple’s Touch ID on the iPhone is only 1 in 50,000.

  # of Authentication Factors False Acceptance Rate Efficiency and Speed of Sign In Cross Device Compatibility? Safe in a Crowd? Changeable if Stolen?
Asignio 3FA 1:2.3M 2 sec      
Voice Password 3FA 1:100,000 15 sec      
Facial Recognition 2FA 1:50,000 1 sec      
Iris Scan 2FA 1:50,000 1 sec      
Fingerprint 2FA 1:50,000 1 sec      
PIN 1FA 1:10,000 5 sec