Omnichannel Platform

Asignio’s web-based platform embeds seamlessly into other systems, allowing users to access their accounts with a single Signature. Asignio can be used on any touch-screen device. Users can even login using devices without a touchscreen through simple QR code linking.


Unlike a fingerprint or retina scan, the Asignio Signature can be changed at any time. If a user fears their account has been breached, they can design a new Signature and re-secure their account within seconds. Asignio only stores biometric data pertaining to the user’s master signature. Even if the master signature has been compromised, the user’s specific biometric identifier (the way the user writes) stays secure. Asignio strongly believes in user privacy and protection. Asignio only collects private and personal data for security purposes. All personal data collected by Asignio belongs to the user and will not be shared without the user’s express permission.

Machine Learning

Asignio utilizes machine learning to strengthen the security of the Signature over time. Asignio’s proprietary software continuously adapts to the user’s unique style of writing. The more a user signs their Signature to access their accounts or complete transactions, the more Asignio can measure their handwriting. Asignio’s software learns how quickly the user writes, how hard they press down on the touchscreen, and how big they make their letters, among other things. This helps Asignio authenticate that it is actually the user signing their Signature and not someone else. The more it is used, the more secure a user’s Signature becomes.

End-to-End Security

Asignio provides transaction-level security for every sign-in. When an Asignio account is created, the user’s ID is verified through a third party. The verified ID is tied to the Signature that the user creates, allowing Asignio to authenticate the user with each and every transaction.