Asignio for banking authenticates users during each transaction, allowing banks to continuously know customers and increase compliance with AML and KYC regulations. Asignio offers the highest level of biometric authentication for logins, transactions, and data management. Asignio follows all current banking regulations and is fully equipped to handle all upcoming legislation.


AMLD4 and AMLD5 require higher levels of identity verification for customers. Each Asignio user undergoes an independent ID verification. The user's government ID is then tied to their Asignio Signature, providing strong KYC for banks and a better way to fight money-laundering.

GDPR broadens the definition of personal data, tightens the rules for gaining consent, and shifts ownership of personal data from businesses to the consumer. Asignio provides an audit trail of user consent, from onboarding and through every transaction. Each customer's Signature is a unique biometric, allowing banks to prove customer consent each time the customer signs.



PSD2 requires stronger identity checks when paying online and mandates that all electronic transactions use at least two factors of authentication. Asignio goes above and beyond the PSD2 requirements for 2-factor authentication. Asignio uses 3-factor authentication for every sign-in and every transaction. Companies with only one method of authentication can use Asignio as a form of step-up authentication and fulfill PSD2 requirements.