Asignio revolutionizes secure authentication. Asignio combines proven security methods and proprietary handwriting-recognition technology to continuously ensure the user’s identity during each and every transaction.

Bulletproof Intuitive Personalized

Personal Digital Defense

An Asignio Signature is a symbol that can be drawn quickly and repeatedly. Users create any shape, sequence of letters, or graphical drawing that represents who they are.

Unlike biometrics, an Asignio Signature can easily be changed at any time. Asignio maintains the security of an adaptable password, while adding an extra layer of security in the biometric recognition of individual handwriting. Asignio is the user’s nearly impenetrable defense against digital fraud.

Efficient & Intuitive Security

Today’s security methods require passwords, PINs, and usernames and keeping track of it all is impossible. Most people end up using the same usernames and passwords for multiple sites. Users must choose to sacrifice either security with easy-to-remember passwords, or time devoted to “forgotten password” emails and security questions. Either way, the user is frustrated with existing authentication methods.

The Asignio Signature analyzes handwriting for a new and intuitive authentication method. Users no longer need to remember complicated passwords and PINs; they simply use their Asignio Signature, an intuitive and unique symbol drawn right on their smartphone.

Impenetrable Protection

Asignio’s patent-pending technology utilizes advanced mathematics to ensure each user’s Asignio Signature can only be reproduced by that user. These algorithms track the subtle nuances in the user’s handwriting, such as stroke speed, letter curvature, and peak acceleration points.

Even if the user’s credentials are stolen, access to secure data is protected by the biometric-based security of a handwritten signature unique to the user alone. An Asignio Signature is incredibly difficult to repeat, making secure data nearly impenetrable to hackers.

Geolocation Capability

Asignio uses device geolocation to instantly catalogue and shut down unauthorized attempts to log in. Any unusual activity (for instance, an attempt to log into an account from Sao Paolo, minutes after a home login from Seattle) will be flagged as fraudulent and denied.

Desktop Capability

Asignio utilizes QR codes to enable login for desktop users. Asignio’s cross-device functionality allows users to choose how they access banking applications - whether by mobile phone or by desktop screen. There is no need for special hardware. Customers simply use any touchscreen device to gain access via desktop, tablet, or phone.

Encryption Capability

Asignio security uses tokens, like digital keys, to encrypt and protect authentication information. Users get the best of both worlds: impenetrable security and ease-of-use. Secure information is never stored directly on device, yet information does not constantly need to be re-entered.