Asignio revolutionizes the way users authenticate identity for mobile applications, websites, and services. Users simply sign in by drawing their unique Asignio Signature.

Users need sensitive data secured, but they also need immediate access to that data. Whether logging in to a financial services application, work web application, or authorizing a purchase, users don’t have time to remember and type in one of hundreds of complex passwords.


When users need to authorize a bank transfer, or quickly finalize a purchase, they don’t want to struggle with ungainly passwords and PINs. Asignio eliminates the hassle of forgotten passwords and support center costs with a simple, memorable, and efficient solution: a unique handwritten Signature.


Asignio is a simpler and more efficient way to authenticate. Users draw a unique personal Signature on any touch screen device using just their finger. The average 3-stroke Asignio Signature takes 2.2 seconds to sign. Passwords can’t compete.