Patent-pending Asignio technology validates your Asignio signature to ensure that you really are you. The more you use your signature, the more secure it becomes.


New ways of securing your information are developed every day to combat cybercrime: password requirements are increasingly complex, fingerprint readers are being added to all the latest devices, and even selfies are being used as a security mechanism. Does this make users any more secure?

Every one of these authentication methods can be hacked or stolen. If fingerprint or retinal data is stolen, those credentials are forever compromised and can never again be safely used. Selfies and voice passwords can easily be spoofed. Hundreds of complex passwords are impossible to keep track of, let alone remember.

Asignio’s Signature is a 3-factor authentication (3FA) method, which measures the accuracy of the signatures in conjunction with geolocation data and the user’s list of approved devices. Multiple layers of security continuously verify the identity of the user during each and every transaction. Users can easily change their Signature at any time, and the patent-pending verification algorithms will continue to keep sensitive data secure.

Finally, an authentication method that ensures both the user and the data remain secure.


Asignio is a cutting edge technology that bridges the need for security with ease of use. Asignio’s Signature is a 3-factor authentication method, using multiple layers of security to authenticate user identity during each and every transaction. And yet, the Signature still maintains the user’s comfort and ease of use. The Signature is the first solution to provide the perfect balance between security and efficiency.

False Acceptance Rates (the ratio of false acceptances to valid authentications) for Asignio Signatures with three strokes are nearly double the leading competitor. Asignio requires a minimum of three strokes to ensure each user has the maximum strength security protecting their accounts.

False Acceptance Rates

Higher is Better

  • 1 Stroke Asignio Signature
  • 2 Stroke Asignio Signature
  • Apple™ TouchID
  • 3 Stroke Asignio Signature
  • 4 Stroke Asignio Signature
  • 300,000
  • 150,000
  • 0

Graph not to scale for 4 Stroke Asignio Signature