Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Philosophy

One of the founding principles of Asignio is the user’s right to privacy. Asignio only stores biometric data pertaining to the user’s specific identifier. Even if the user’s Signature is breached, this identifier remains secure. Asignio collects a limited amount of personal data for security reasons. The user retains ownership of any and all private data collected. The user determines what information is shared with each new portal. Asignio will never share personal data without the user’s express permission. And, unlike other companies, Asignio will never sell customer data without the user’s say-so.

Asignio strongly believes in empowering the customer throughout every aspect of the user experience. Asignio’s goal is to build a better, more secure platform where the user is in control of their private data every step of the way. Asignio believes transparency is the best policy—the user will always know exactly what is being done with their data.

Asignio aims to protect every user’s identity, and all their personal data. With Asignio, the user is always in charge.