Our Mission

Asignio is dedicated to providing the simplest and most secure way to authenticate sites, apps, and services.

A Better Way for Users

We believe that your information should be kept safe and secure. We also believe that you should be able to access your information without obstacles. Barriers should keep thieves and hackers out; not you. The world is flooded with inconvenient, uncomfortable, and ineffective security mechanisms. You shouldn’t need a Ph. D. in cryptography to review your online bank statements, or log into your health insurance app, or approve a new transaction.

Asignio believes there is a better way for users. We have built an agile, eclectic team of experienced, creative problem solvers who are passionate about providing the best authentication experience possible for users. Our goal is that authentication with Asignio becomes so natural that you don’t even think twice about it. It is possible to feel that secure with security that is really that convenient.

A Better Way for Developers

Developers create the sites, apps, and services that provide users with ever expanding ways to manage their information. Developers shouldn't have to constantly reinvent new methods of authentication to secure their products. Nor should they have to dedicate precious time and resources to constantly stay ahead of hackers - when they should be using their creativity to enhance their products.

Asignio believes there is a better way for developers. We have built a modular approach that allows sites, apps, and services, to "plug in" to the Asignio authentication application. Developers need only to write a few lines of code in their sites and apps, and a few calls to the Asignio API on their servers. Asignio authenticates the users and developers need only worry about building better apps.

Developers: contact us to learn more about how to integrate Asigino into the workflow of your sites, apps, and services.