About Asignio

Asignio is a web-based, biometric authentication platform based on handwriting recognition technology. Asignio users create a signature unique to them, drawing a simple combination of letters or numbers with their finger directly on a touchscreen device.

“A personal signature combines the comfort and familiarity of hand drawn initials with the security of a unique biometric.”

Proprietary security algorithms measure both the shape and timing of each handwritten stroke, making the biometric signature very unique to the user and almost impossible to replicate. The web-based platform allows users to use their signature as trusted identity access to any account, on any device, at any time—whether they are in line at the grocery store, or at home on the couch.

“This simplified, signature-based access creates a trusted and consistent login experience, while fortifying protection against fraud.”

Better yet, Asignio’s simple and secure authentication platform is easily embedded into existing access systems with a few lines of code. Asignio authentication can be used to comply with data privacy regulations, protect high risk transactions, and secure user onboarding—all with the elegant, universal simplicity of a signature.


Leadership Team

Kyle Rutherford (CEO/Founder)

Eric Dustrude (Senior Software Architect)

Erik Hodge (Senior Software Architect)

Ben MacKay (Senior Software Architect)

Yair Abed (Sales & Business Development)

Board of Advisors

Jim DuBois (former CIO, Microsoft)

Richard Lyons (former EVP, Mastercard)

Kevin Bowyer (Professor of Computer Science & Biometrics Specialist, University of Notre Dame)


We are constantly looking for passionate, curious and dedicated employees to join our fast-growing team. Please reach out about potential opportunities.

Contact Us

Contact Catherine Williams (catherine.williams@asignio.com) for more information