About Us

Asignio is a group of passionate people dedicated to making the world more secure without making it more complicated. Our experience and creativity will solve your security challenges.

About Asignio

Asignio was formed to radically simplify and improve how we sign-in and authorize apps, websites, and services. Based on our proprietary signature/handwriting-based technology, the Asignio mobile authentication platform provides a quick, easy-to-use, and secure way for users to sign-in. A user's Asignio Signature can be any set of letters (like their initials), symbols, or a drawing - easier to remember than a password, quick to draw on the mobile touch-screen, yet extremely difficult for others to reproduce. The Asignio platform increases security, lowers fraud risk, and significantly reduces support costs while providing consumers a better experience.

Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Asignio is a growing company that has brought together diverse talents to accomplish a single goal: improve authentication for users and developers. Asignio possesses expertise in security, business processes, software development, and user interface design. We have combined these strengths to create a better way to sign in.

Asignio Leadership Team

Kyle Rutherford: Founder & CEO. BSEE, University of Washington; MBA, Harvard University; Over 25 years of experience building software startups. Key responsibilities: overall management, strategic planning, finance.

Eric Dustrude: BS, Western Washington University; Nearly 30 years of architecting innovative software solutions. Key responsibilities: overall software architecture, Android development, server development.

Erik Hodge: BA, University of Washington; 20 years software development specialization in graphics engineering and algorithms. Key responsibilities: iOS development, quality assurance.

Ben MacKay: BA, Brigham Young University; MS, University of Washington; nearly 20 years designing software solutions for web and mobile platforms. Key responsibilities: software architecture, design, iOS development, server and web development.