The Future of Authentication

Asignio’s revolutionary authentication technology is simple, secure, and memorable. Sign in to applications, sites, and services without inconvenience or obstacles.

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A better way to sign in

Asignio is a better way to sign in. No need to remember complex passwords or struggle to type characters on a mobile phone.

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Simplicity you can trust

Asignio revolutionizes the way users authenticate identity for mobile applications, websites, and services. Users simply sign in by drawing their unique Asignio Signature.

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Security through experience

Patent-pending Asignio technology validates your Asignio Signature to ensure that you really are you. The more you use your signature, the more secure it becomes.

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Security that is Personalized

Users create an Asignio Signature that represents them. Unlike fingerprints, users can easily change their Signature any time they want.

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Asignio Solves the Authentication Problem

Problem: Logging in is too Complex

There are too many usernames and passwords to remember, and your passwords need to change constantly in order to remain secure. Passwords are difficult to input—especially on small mobile keyboards—and can easily be hacked or stolen.

New methods of biometric authentication solve this problem. Biometrics, such as fingerprint readers, help reduce complexity, but they are unreliable, require special hardware devices, and cannot be changed if stolen.

Solution: Asignio Sign-In

Asignio is secure, fast and memorable. Based on proprietary handwriting-recognition technology, Asignio Signatures are repeatable, unique to each individual, and nearly impossible to copy. On average, an Asignio Signature consisting of three initials takes less than three seconds to complete. Signing for something is familiar and easy to do wherever the user goes.

You as a user are in complete control.

Why use Asignio?

A Better Way

Bombarded with new and more complex forms of digital authentication, Asignio created a better, more elegant way to sign in. Security should only stop criminals and hackers, it should never stop the user.

Choose the better way to sign in. Authenticate with Asignio.

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Asignio is a simpler and more efficient way to authenticate. Users draw a unique personal Signature on any touch screen device using just their finger. The average 3-stroke Asignio Signature takes 2.2 seconds to sign. Passwords can’t compete.

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Asignio’s Signature is a 3-factor authentication (3FA) method, which measures the accuracy of the Signature in conjunction with geolocation data and the user’s approved device. Multiple layers of security continuously verify the identity of the user during each and every transaction. Users can easily change their Signature at any time, and the patent-pending verification algorithms will continue to keep sensitive data secure.

Finally, an authentication method that ensures both the user and the data remain secure.

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A user’s Asignio Signature is an extension of who they are. Users create a simple symbol, graphic, or sequence of overlaid letters that are easy to remember and repeat.

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